ClimateExpo ’22

ClimateExpo ’22 is a sales exhibition about climate change via open registration, which can be seen from 17 September to 4 December 2022 at various locations of Museum de Fundatie. Makers like you can determine what ClimateExpo ’22 will look like in the future. Are you in?

Climate. There is no more urgent subject. Global warming, caused by, among other things, the use of fossil fuels, large-scale logging and livestock farming, has major consequences. Plants and animal species are dying out, ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising. Heavy rains, flooding, tropical temperatures and climate refugees are the news of the day. Climate change affects people, nature and the environment. How do we deal with it?

Artists on the move, the unimaginable visible
ClimateExpo ’22 is the first national exhibition with open registration in which artists are asked to portray their vision of the climate crisis. Art is an indispensable tool in the battle. Climate change is bigger than our imagination. We need stories. Art can visualize the unimaginable.

Artists are taking up the gauntlet and are playing an important role in conveying the relationship between man and nature. They express their concern about its preservation in various ways, such as the impressive work Plant by singer Nynke Laverman, a whisper-soft beautiful, penetrating musical trip that transports you into the calmness of the existence of a plant. So too, the monumental tapestry Guernica de la Ecologia by the world-famous visual artist and activist Claudy Jongstra, offers an impressive tribute in wool to craft and nature.

The collectie ZomerExpo also shows that nature and climate have occupied artists for quite some time. See for example the above fragment of the photo Happy Holidays (The Battle of ..) by Daniëlle van Hilten (Europa ZomerExpo 2019), with a poignant reflection on modern holidays. Or, take the work of Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta (Studio Drift). In 2011, they won the public award at ZomerExpo 2011 with the light installationFragile Future 3.5 . The work consists of LEDs and real dandelions. Their work is an ode to the ingenuity and beauty of nature.

Exhibition at different locations
The 250 selected works can be seen in the autumn of 2022 at various locations of Museum de Fundatie. For the occasion, the Academy House Grote Kerk Zwolle will serve as an extra annex of the museum and offers space for a number of works by Climate Expo ’22. In addition, works can be seen in the museum on the Blijmarkt and the Nijenhuis Castle, the Garden house and the sculpture garden in Heino/Wijhe.

Online selection
Artists can be selected for the exhibition in one step. Anyone can register their work of art for selection up until 15 June 2022 (inclusive). The selection process is digital. A large mixed jury of young and old: museum employees, gallery owners, artists, writers, scientists, people from healthcare, construction, hairdressers, students, schoolchildren and many others, makes a choice for the exhibition on the basis of the submitted images. As usual, completely anonymous. The work counts!

Sales Exhibition
The works of art are for sale during the exhibition period. ArtWorlds Foundation facilitates and receives 30% commission per work sold. With this commission, the Foundation can help make its projects possible. Museum de Fundatie is not financially involved in the sale procedure.

A variant of ZomerExpo
ClimateExpo’ 22 is the result of ZomerExpo and is organized by ArtWorlds in collaboration with Museum de Fundatie. ZomerExpo is a national sales exhibition of contemporary art in a Dutch museum, consisting of works of art that have been selected anonymously after open registration. The summer event, first launched in 2011, attracts a large crowd and is a great barometer of diverse tastes. For the eighth edition of the project, ‘Zomer’ makes way for ‘Climate’ and the exhibition is shifting from summer to autumn.

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